Revitalising a tired brand to launch in a new market. Cleatskins are back. The latest addition to your boot bag!

We were excited to partner with this well-established brand and help them launch their new product lines in a new market. We knew that we had the opportunity not just for a campaign or two but rather an ongoing series of projects to catch customers’ attention. The Cleatskins brand had been lying dormant for years, so the launch campaign was all about raising awareness. Alongside this, however, the focus was on how you can get your hands on a great product!

Project Scope.

Every project is unique and requires its own recipe of services. Below is a brief outline of the services undertaken for the project.

Marketing Strategy

We leave no stone unturned. Everything from, KPI’s to budgets, maximising what you get for your money and how best to execute the marketing strategy to engage audiences.

Online Campaigns

A strategy developed to engage with your target market through various online channels. Can include social media, email marketing, Google Ads to name a few.

Social Media Strategy

One of the most effective forms of marketing over the last 10 years. It’s become essential not only to sell through but to keep your customers up to speed with your business.


An incredibly powerful piece of the puzzle. Executed correctly it can make or break a campaign. Always try and set aside a portion of your budget for professional photography.


The shift towards video marketing has become so obvious in recent years. Engage with your audience more effectively with punchy, professional videos.

Content Creation

Flexible content creation whilst keeping consistency and quality can be a tricky affair. We can help with that so you can get on with running your business.

Shopify Website

Using Shopify to sell quickly and effectively is the go-to for companies selling products. It can be optimised for SEO and developed to beautifully reflect your brand guidelines.

Support & Maintenance

We can give you peace of mind by providing your business with dedicated website support. We can help your business grow through reliable knowledge and digital solutions.